90 Days From Woke

The Story of an Overnight Instagram Sensation

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Because we all have that moment…

Sometimes many…when we must choose between the temptation to live a charade, or cast our proverbial masks aside. Nonye Akuba enjoys writing stories that pit her main characters’ outmoded versions of themselves against fuller, more authentic expressions, ultimately beckoning them to new levels of awareness, maturity and purpose. In 90 Days From Woke, Leilani Lewis is confronted by this very challenge. Seemingly well intentioned, yet haplessly naive, Leilani must decide if the new life she’s skillfully crafted is what her soul truly desires.

An Amusing Tale



When safe-playing Leilani connects with the high enery antics of two of Miami’s hottest, night-scene starlets, it’s a combustible mix of hijinks, clapbacks and airbrained schemes.


It isn’t every day a girl catches the attention of three of Miami’s sexiest, most eligible  bachelors–especially when she was five minutes away from swearing off love for good. But with a new objective, locale and look, the once overlooked Leilani, must manage her new reality and the promise of true love.


“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve…” is indeed the cliched and old adage attributed to Sir Walter Scott, but its overuse and age does not negate its truth…  And before long, Leilani discovers that even the tiniest of lies has a tendency to barrel out of control until it is nearly impossible to discern the lies from the truth.

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Meet Nonye Akuba

Nonye Akuba is a New-Adult Fiction novelist. New Adult Fiction is an emerging genre that explores protagonists eighteen to thirty years of age. Nonye offers stories that loosely pull from her own experience, the experiences of her closest friends, and a pretty overactive imagination. 90 Days from Woke is a fictional dramedy that refreshingly interwines lessons of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and the quest  for true love into an entertaining joyride.

When Nonye isn’t writing, she is managing her Identity 31 clothing brand–an athleisure brand that merges the fundaments reflected in Proverbs 31:10-31 with a fresh, uniquely urban fashion style. It is a lifestyle brand that embodies a wholehearted love for God, love for family, commitment to purpose and an incontestable grind.

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I AM A 31

I confess. It’s true. I am a thirty-one. And you may be one too. “Who me?” you ask. “A thirty-one? With all of my bumps, bruises, shortcomings and past?” Definitely.

I remember the first time I read Proverbs 31:10-31. I knew wholeheartedly the woman I was reading about was light years ahead of who I was at that time. I recall thinking, “How in the world did she manage to become all of that?”


You know the type all too well. Bitter. Haggard. Resentful. A lonely man spewing his personal brand of gloom and pessimism to anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. I knew a man like this. He lived near the shore. One day, in spite of his complaints, God had compassion on him. He summoned one of his dearest angels and said, “This man, this child of mine, petitions me for riches and wealth—every day grumbling over his lot.” The angel listened intently for the Lord’s command.


I’m a huge fan of double entendres. One figure of speech, two different meanings. The wittier the phrase, the more enamored I am. Though I must admit they often go over my head. On those rare occasions when I grasp the meaning immediately, I get all warm and fuzzy inside as if I’d just won the mega million. Well, maybe not that warm and fuzzy, but I definitely feel like I’ve accomplished a huge feat.

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